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Family Law and Child Custody
Michigan Family Law

We handle a limited number of family law and child custody matters, choosing to restrict the number of cases we handle in order to ensure quality. Our focus is on post-judgment issues and appeals.

Family Law Appeals

We provide appellate services from family law and custody judgments. Please note that family law appeals can be every bit as expensive as a child custody trial, and can be very difficult to win. It is our sincere preference that you put your resources into hiring a good attorney from the start and winning at the trial court level. Where that is not possible or where things nonetheless went wrong before the trial court, please contact us for an evaluation of a possible appeal.

Child Custody

Child custody appeals can be extremely time consuming and involving, both for the client and for the lawyer. For that reason, we limit the number of custody appeals we will accept. We represent parents who have a genuine desire for custody or increased parenting time, who we believe to have meritorious legal issues to pursue on appeal.

We also work with trial counsel on complex issues, interstate matters, case strategy, post-judgment issues, and on structuring a case for appeal. Ghost writing services are available for trial and appellate motions and briefs.

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