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Civil Litigation
Michigan Civil Litigation

Michigan Personal Injury

We have considerable experience with personal injury cases, primarily working with plaintiff's counsel in the representation of the injured victim. Our services range from assisting with the review of incoming cases and drafting of complaints, through preparation of discovery materials, motion practice, preparation of case evaluation summaries, and briefs for arbitration, facilitation, and trial. We have extensive experience with Michigan No Fault cases. Most law firms request our ghost-writing services, although we are able to argue motions and provide additional courtroom support as necessary.

Business and Commercial Disputes

Whether you need a brief in support of a crucial motion or for an appeal, we can meet your needs. Even if you have never before handled an appeal, by using ghost-writing services you don't need to refer the case to a different firm. We can also guide you through the initial paperwork, and handle all aspects of drafting the appeal, from issue spotting through briefing. Should you choose, your client does not even need to be aware of our involvement in the case.

Additional Litigation Matters

We have provided motion and appellate services for a wide range of legal matters, including trust and estate matters, real estate and zoning disputes, and criminal defense matters.


We have considerable experience with appeals, particularly to the Michigan Court of Appeals. If you have recently experienced an adverse ruling or judgment in a Michigan court, we may be able to help.

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